When you mix together some of the best players in New York with a love of great 70’s rock music, the end result is 70’S ROCK & ROLL ROADSHOW, a band whose goal is to take you back to the greatest moments of your past through song…nostalgia, pure and simple. Where were you when you first heard “Joy to the World” or “Maggie May”? What were you doing when “Blinded By the Light” was blasting on your radio? Who were you hanging out with when “Rebel Rebel” or “Fame” were big on the charts? Who were you dating when “Smoke on the Water” or “Hollywood Nights” was cranked on your quadraphonic stereo or 8-track player?

70’S ROCK & ROLL ROADSHOW will take you year by year through the sights and sounds of that most incredible era of FM radio….the 70’S!

Break out your bell bottoms and your platform shoes, and enlist in the 70’s rock revolution! Then travel with 70’S ROCK & ROLL ROADSHOW for a blast into your glorious past!